On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the The 6th International Conferences on Socio-Cultural Relationship and Education Pedagogy Learning Sciences 2019 (The 6th SOCIO-CULTURAL 2019) which will be held at the Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers , from  27 - 28 April 2019.

As the world becomes increasingly integrated the political, social, and cultural boundaries are being re-configured and new challenges emerge. Political power is shifting beyond the traditional state models and governance is taking on new forms. Social conflict arises across different regions of the world.

Amidst all of these, political scientists, political experts, academics, sociologist should actively engaged in an in-depth discourse by providing an active voice which helps shape the opinions of the public, institutions and the policy-makers.

The conference has so far been an important event and has attracted many scientists, engineers and researchers from academia, government laboratories, and industry internationally.

All of Submitted Full Paper The 6th SOCIO-CULTURAL 2019 will be peer reviewed by at least three reviewers.

The registered papers from The 6th SOCIO-CULTURAL 2019  will be published in one of this journal that authors must choose

1.  Advanced Science Letters  that published by American Scientific Publishers that indexed in http://www.aspbs.com/science/ind-abs_science.htm

2. Proceedings on Taylor and Francis CRC Press/Balkema (Taylor & Francis Group) - http://www.balkema.nl / http://www.crcpress.com

The CRC/Balkemia will send the ICIBSoS 2018  proceedings for citation purposes to Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) Web of Knowledge and SciVerse Scopus.
Automated feeds of the book will be generated for Amazon, Google, World Public Library™ (NetLibrary), Ebooks Corporation, MyiLibrary, Ebrary and Overdrive.

The proceedings will have long-term availability, also in e-book format within CRCnetBASE http://www.crcnetbase.com


We look forward to welcoming you all in Jakarta, Indonesia , in April 2019 , and hope your stay will both be rewarding and enjoyable!


Update News:

1. The Socio-Cultural 2018 publications is in Advanced Science Letters Vol 25 No 01 that published by American Scientific Letters.


2. The Socio-Cultural 2017 publications are in Advanced Science Letters Vol 24 No 02 that will be published by American Scientific Letters.

The International Journal of Environmental and Science Education (IJESE) - e-ISSN: 1306-3065 - Publisher: Look Academic Publisher in Vol 13 Number 03

International Electronic Journal of Mathematics Education (IEJME)-ISSN: 1306-3030 - ISSN : 2468-4945 - Publisher : Look Academic Publishers in Vol 13 Number 03

3. The Socio-Cultural 2016  publication is in Advanced Science Letters that  published by American Scientific Letters is in http://www.aspbs.com/science/contents-science2017.htm#231

4. The Socio-Cultural 2016 photo Session.


4. Please visit and download the Socio-Cultural 2015 from here

5. Please visit and download the Socio--Cultural 2013 Publication from here